Sport Zot
Sport Zot van De Halve Maan is a low-alcohol beer.
NON IPA Ginger
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NON IPA Ginger van Jopen is a low alcohol beer with an alcohol content of 0.3%. Ginger has been added to Non(netje) which gives extra fruitiness and spiciness to the beer.Untappd
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Tundra from Pohjala is a low-alcohol beer from Pohjala. It is brewed with tops of Spruce.Untappd
Affligem 0.0%
Affligem 0.0% is an alcohol-free Blond beer.Untappd
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Koskeupr of PochPoater is a Schwarzbier with an alcohol content of 8.5%.Untappd
Kompel Prion des fleurs
Kompel Prion des Fleurs is a golden blond honey beer of high fermentation. The heather honey comes from the National Park Hoge Kempen / Mechelse Heide. The beer was first brewed in 2017 to commemorate the closure of the Eisden mine 30 years earlier.Untappd
Jopen Nonnetje IPA is jopen's first low-alcohol beer. Due to the use of a special yeast variety, hardly any sugars are converted into alcohol during the brewing process.Untappd
Lowlander 0.00% White
Lowlander 0.00% White is a real 0.00% alcohol-free white beer. In collaboration with PeelPioneers, discarded orange and lemons from bars and restaurants are collected and used.Untappd
Barbar from Brasserie Lefebvre is a golden beer with a creamy head and a powerful nose. The taste of honey is clearly present and was richly combined with notes of flowers, herbs and citrus fruits.Untappd