Belgian Pale Ale

La Trappe Pure
La Trappe PURE is a Belgian Pale Ale with an alcohol content of 4.7%. It is an easily drinkable, fresh, hoppy, light trappist beer. Only high-quality organic ingredients are used to brew this beer.Untappd
Birth beer
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Hooray, a baby with Style. Rusks with mouses Birth beer, so anise. Celebrate the new life with specialty beer.Untappd
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Templar, brewed at Corsendonk Brewery, is a golden copper-coloured, dry and soft beer of high fermentation with refermentation on the bottle. Due to the extra fermentation in the bottle, the beer matures further, which naturally creates CO2 gas. This makes for a beautiful pearling in the glass.Untappd
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Orval is a unique beer with a unique taste. The chosen fermentation method requires a long bearing. In this way it gets its complex-fruity character and that subtle harmony between full round and bitter.Untappd